Diocese of Buffalo Association of the Ladies of Charity was founded on September 1, 1941.
80th anniversary logo

Pray with us our 80th Anniversary Prayer
80th Anniv Prayer with Logo

Our 80th Anniversary logo was designed by Olivia Dobiesz, a Junior Lady of Charity at St. Mary’s in Lancaster.


History of the Ladies of Charity

1617: Ladies of Charity founded in France by St. Vincent de Paul

1629: St. Louise de Marillac appointed to work with the Ladies

1634: Movement begins spreading to other countries in Europe

1857: First Ladies of Charity in the United States founded in St. Louis, MO

1909: Junior Ladies of Charity organized in France and Italy

1941: Ladies of Charity founded in the Diocese of Buffalo

1960: National organization formed: Association of Ladies of Charity United States (ALCUS); later changed to Ladies of Charity USA (LCUSA)

1971: AIC, International Association of Charities, organized and located in Brussels, Belgium

2016: AIC-LCUSA is an important part of 150,000 volunteers in 53 countries across five continents

stvincnt   st louise

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