Diocese of Buffalo Association of the Ladies of Charity was founded on September 1, 1941.


History of the Ladies of Charity

1617: Ladies of Charity founded in France by St. Vincent de Paul

1629: St. Louise de Marillac appointed to work with the Ladies

1634: Movement begins spreading to other countries in Europe

1857: First Ladies of Charity in the United States founded in St. Louis, MO

1909: Junior Ladies of Charity organized in France and Italy

1941: Ladies of Charity founded in the Diocese of Buffalo

1960: National organization formed: Association of Ladies of Charity United States (ALCUS); later changed to Ladies of Charity USA (LCUSA)

1971: AIC, International Association of Charities, organized and located in Brussels, Belgium

2016: AIC-LCUSA is an important part of 150,000 volunteers in 53 countries across five continents

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